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Jan Klos

Certified Life/Career Coach             Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Certified Memory Energy Mentor  Certified English as Second Language Instructor

You know how the saying goes “When God closes one door, another one opens”?  Well, no one talks about the long hallway in between. We could all use a little help from a “flashlight” to find our way during our darkest times, to get through that “limbo” time a little quicker- make better decisions, have hope and the right support – a compass- to help us get to that door at the other end. Think of me as your personal Flashlight.


Another favorite saying, a variation from Dr. Joe Dispenza:  “A memory without an emotional charge is wisdom, not a Life Sentence.” Yet we lug that emotional baggage from relationship to relationship, job to job-often wondering what’s wrong with everyone else, even though the common thread is us… until one day you decide you’re tired of all of it and the window cracks open on your desire to change, develop new "thought habits".


That’s what happened to me in my life. Raised in a “smart” family that never said “I love you”, until I put my foot down and dragged my parents to counseling after a failed (I called it “practice”) marriage in my early 20’s.  Things got better, but we all still had that baggage from our childhoods,-my siblings and my parents-the “I’m Fine” act- packing down sadness, anger and all other negative (“unacceptable”) emotions. From a housefire (& pet loss) to 3 significant deaths in 6 months, an abusive marriage, raising 2 ADHD sons and more-I wish I knew then what I know now!

So grateful to my Coaches, opening my mind to new Healing Science...


But I’ve known my “Calling” since the 4th grade, where my strong intuitive gift and passion to help others move through difficult changes even then earned me the nickname of “Jan Landers” (if you’re under 40-"Ann" was a popular advice columnist). My 30 years+ career path has taken me into the fields of alternative education, experiential wellness/depth/energy psychology, natural health/medicine and progressive global corporations/human resources as a Professional Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, Master Trainer, Assessor/Developer and certified Grief Recovery Specialist. But each always contained that same passionate thread- helping people navigate difficult life and career changes.


I welcome serving a diverse range of people from all over the world. I help you to reduce stress, anxiety, grief & sadness (they are different), feeling "stuck" as a result

of life/work events from your Past or Present. Then you are free to focus on your plans for the Future.


I love finding new, natural and faster interactive ways to solve complex problems- permanently, not just bandaids. The methods I am certified in do just that- in either 2 hours to remove immediate “baggage” then just 2 days to remove a lifetime of it-even phobias, PTSD-like trauma, childhood abuse-all without you having to tell me about it.


No long-term contracts, just 2 days to clear the brain fog + Coaching to help you keep on track wherever it is you want to go (past Clients say after their emotional junk is gone, it’s amazing how light, clear and free their “soul” feels!). Then we work together on “Next Steps” as needed-here’s where you get the advantage of my decades of knowledge, experience and resources so you can live on “Purpose” and balance your world in 6 key areas:


1. Career--are you in the right place?  

2. Community-again, are in you in the right place?

3. Social-are you in the right relationships?

4. Wellness-are you in the right shape?

5. Financial-again, are you in the right shape?

6. Spiritual-are you ok with who you are, as a “being”?


Come find out how much less stressful and more fulfilling life can be when you have clarity and a flashlight…I look forward to working along side of you!

One of the features of our services that our clients liked best was that they didn't have to share their memories or sensitive stories with anyone, even us.

I have enjoyed a 37-year career as an educator, mentor, coach and instructor.  I’ve worked for the Smithsonian institution, universities and school systems.  Today my primary focus is to be your life coach and Certified Memory Makeover Mentor.


Over the years I've worked with hundreds of adults, teachers, scientists, teens and medical professionals. It has been a pleasure to do this work not only throughout the USA, but also Canada and Australia.  Everyone discovered new ways to improve their quality of life or work.  I think I learn and grow as much as my clients!


Before anyone can become a Memory Makeover Mentor, they must participate in the same program as you. They must be clients first, in the Memory Makeover process!  It is a truly life-changing experience. It's liberating to unburden ourselves of all those negative emotional triggers, some that have been around for decades!  Just imagine if all that tied-up energy could be freed up for more positive uses in your life! Enjoy your work. Value your relationships! That is what I want to help you do.

My personal style, you will find, is genuine, caring and truthful. I listen and share ideas, insights and techniques. Many of those I coach value my unique blend of compassion, creativity and professionalism. No two people are alike so I don't try to fit you into the exact same coaching routine.  I strive to help you find those “ah ha” solutions. Let me show how YOU can craft YOUR OWN personal, long term path to wellness. For the WHOLE of you-- mind, body and spirit.

"Everyone is a genius.  But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. " Albert Einstein 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Are YOU ready for a memory makeover?

Richard Efthim

Certifed Life Coach

Certified Memory Energy Mentor


We’ll show you how to ‘neutralize’ negative memories (even PTSD-like traumas) from your past, often in just seconds!

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