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Are you ready for a Memory Makeover?

Can you remember an event in your life that, even years after it happened, you still can’t seem to let it go? Over the years, the burdens of those negative feelings and emotions from life experiences can pile up.  They can cause chronic stress. And they can drain us of our ability to make good decisions.  Some memories can trigger emotional reactions and patterns that can interfere with building healthy relationships and career success.


Many of us may try different programs or long-term, expensive therapies to try and change this effect.  Or, maybe, we just resign ourselves to “live with it, it’s a part of life”.


But it doesn’t have to be.

 Memory Makeover can

  • help you reduce Stress in everyday situations

  • help you take charge of your Brain (instead of the other way around)

  • build awareness of potential, resilience

  • help you disconnect negative emotions/patterns

  • show you how to develop POSITIVE habits that last



  • You work at your own pace - no contracts

  • You just bring You - no equipment to buy

  • Money-back guarantee if you don't see a positive change in your quality of life

The Soul Link Experience

The first step in your Memory Makeover is experiencing Soul Link™. It’s a patent-pending method for neutralizing everyday stress, even traumatic memories in seconds, one at a time. This powerful tool has helped thousands of people achieve astonishing results.  You will discover that you CAN neutralize the negative feelings and emotions tied to memories.

Memory Makeover Workshop...the basics

During this 2-hour introduction to the Memory Makeover program, we’ll teach you how to do “Soul Link” and other techniques yourself. This way, you can quickly neutralize negative feelings and emotions from any memory. Reduce stress anytime you desire. Change the way you associate with your memories in more healthy and powerful ways.

Memory Makeover Workshop...complete program

This 2-day workshop is the full, life-changing, Memory Makeover experience.  Learn everything in the 2-hour introductory session.  But go even further! Remove a lifetime of emotional baggage. Neutralize all those life memories that trigger negative feelings and emotions... those that may have held you back in life... even PTSD level events.  As always, you won’t have to share those memories with anyone.   Instead, you will emerge no longer burdened by the past. 

Looking for a new relationship or a new job or career?  Or are you looking to make the ones you have even better?  When you finish the complete Memory Makeover Program, you may find that you will be less likely to repeat the same life mistakes all over again.  A fresh beginning starts with learning from the past, not continue living in it.


And you will be ready to get the most from the other life or work coaching services we have to offer! . Write your new story at inSight Life/Work Coaching!


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